Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blueberries for Matthew and Claire

On Saturday Jeremy watched the babies so I could go run in the South Lyon “Muddy Shoe” 5K with Rhonda. It was POURING when we got there but as the race started the rain stopped. They were not kidding when they called it the Muddy Shoe race; at the end of the course (with about ¾ of a mile to go) there was a huge mud puddle that you had to wade through. I decided (not on purpose) to go swimming in the puddle; so needless to say, this was not a personal record for 3 miles for me. Here’s a photo of Rhonda and I after the finish line:

Here’s the website, you can check out the video of everyone running through the mud, yuck! http://www.secondwindrm.com/muddyshoe2009results.html
On Sunday, my Mom and I took Matthew and Claire Blueberry picking with Susie. (Jeremy had to work) They seemed to have a good time. They enjoyed screaming at the top of their lungs, grabbing on to the bushes and squishing the blueberries in their little hands. We went to Hazen’s Farm in Howell, they also have raspberries and apples so we’ll have to go back later in the season to pick some different fruit. Here are some photos of the babies enjoying themselves at the farm.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Twins Are 7 Months Old!

Matthew and Claire turned 7 months old on July 16th!! Here are some quick updates: Matthew has 4 teeth: 2 on the bottom and 2 on the top. He loves to talk (favorite words are bababababa and maaaaaaaaaa) and play with his toys. He sits up by himself and can scoot toward something that he wants. Matthew has quite a bit of hair, it’s just hard to see because it’s so blonde! He’s about 19 pounds and 28 inches, he has pretty much outgrown all his 3 to 6 month clothes and is on to mostly 6 to 9! We need to look at our carseat situation; I know the infant seats go up to 22 pounds but I am now wondering about the height requirement so we might need to get out their regular carseats soon. Claire has 2 teeth on the bottom and is working on her 2 top teeth. She loves to talk (favorite words are dadadadada and bababababa) and SCREAMMMMM at the top of her lungs. She can sit up by herself and giggles out loud at the dog. Claire still has her pretty red hair, and seems to be getting more of it lately. She’s about 16 pounds and 28 inches; she’s still mostly in 3 to 6 month clothes with and occasional 6 to 9 month outfit. We’ve started adding veggies to our meal routines. So far they’ve tried peas and carrots (in addition to their oatmeal or rice cereals and fruits). They’ll eat the peas but they’re both on the fence with whether or not they like them. Claire really likes carrots and Matthew seems to think they’re OK.


7 Months Old!!

Yea! Ranger kisses!

Yea, we're cool...

Sweet! Toys!

Jeremy’s parents were home this week so they came over on Thursday and Friday to play with the babies. Jeremy and I had softball on Friday night (we had 2 really late games and lost miserably!!! but that's another story). Jeremy had to work all weekend, so Jill, my Mom and I took Matthew, Claire and Heidi to the Founders Festival parade on Saturday. Ranger the dog tagged along, too. We walked with the strollers from Jill’s house to downtown (it was about a mile or so each way so we got some good exercise!). Between the 3 babies and the dog we attracted wayyyy more attention than I care to but all in all we had a fun day. Rhonda, Eileen, and Tab met us there; Tab brought her 3 nieces, Kylie, Ariana and Isabella. We all walked around the festival; I saw a few really cute craft projects that I’d like to try if I ever get a minute! Jill and I also scoped out the coolest playhouse for the babies once they’re older (I'm going to see if Grampa S and Uncle Andrew want to help me tackle this project next summer!). I think it’s way too elaborate to actually make, but it would be awesome if we could!!! By the time we were walking back to Jill’s house the babies were pretty tired, Matthew and Claire took a nap in the stroller.

Hanging out after the parade (Claire and Heidi had to sport their sunglasses!!)
We love balloons!
Matthew was entertaining Alonzo, Hatch and Foshag at the MDA tent! (or was it the other way around???)

So sleepy....

Isn't this playhouse awesome!?!?
Jeremy had to work Sunday, too, so after church my Mom and I were able to catch up on some errands and do a little housework. Jeremy met me at my parents’ house after work so my Mom could watch Matthew and Claire while we went to see the new Harry Potter movie. It’s nice to be able to get out by ourselves once in awhile!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Fourth of July (post is a little late!)

I had Friday July 3rd off work so Matthew, Claire and I went to hang out with Jen, Kelly and Lisa at Gramma’s pool. We were hoping for warmer weather but it was nice to just hang out for awhile. My Mom and Aunt Cathy watched the twins with Gramma while the girls and I sat by the pool. Jeremy ended up taking an overtime shift that night so the babies and I just had a quiet night at home.
Saturday morning we walked in the Ann Arbor 4th of July Parade with the Huron Valley Mother of Multiples (Jeremy had to work, again!). Matthew and Claire enjoyed the long walk in the stroller. My Mom and Susie came with us. Susie took a lot of great photos of the babies enjoying their ride. After the parade we took some photos at Susie’s house with the flowers in her backyard. The babies weren’t very cooperative or maybe they were just too interested in the flowers themselves; maybe we can try again another day. Jeremy had to work again Saturday night so Jill, Heidi and Susie came over to hang out.
Hopefully next year Jeremy will have at least one of the nights off around the 4th so we can enjoy some fireworks. Here are some parade and other photos:
Matthew and Claire ready for the parade to start!
We got to meet some of the other parents that I hadn't met, yet.

Here are some of the other twins and triplets that walked in the parade.
Susie and I walking with the stroller
Claire hanging out in Don's truck.

Matthew and Claire checking out Susie's lilies.
Heidi, Matthew and Claire - we love the bumbo chairs!
Claire and Matthew love to swim!
Being cozy with our blankets and books before bedtime.
(Matthew has FINALLY agreed to take a pacifier - yea!!!)