Wednesday, August 26, 2009

8 Months Old! (Post is a little late!)

Matthew & Claire are 8 months old! This post is a little late since I rarely have time for anything extra! Here are a few updates on what the twins are up to:

He has 2 bottom teeth and 2 top teeth. Loves to babble but hasn’t said any actual words, yet. Can sit up completely unassisted and can roll over both ways. Can stand up if you’re holding his hands. Gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth (this is new in the last couple days), he’ll probably be crawling soon! Can “allegedly” go from laying down to sitting, we haven’t actually SEEN him do this but I’ve gone in his room in the middle of the night a few times to find him sitting straight up! He loves to jump in his jumper and walk around the kitchen in the little walker. His favorite toys are bath toys. He loves taking a bath and “swimming” in the kiddie pool on our back porch. Wears mostly 6 to 9 month clothes, but his pajamas are 9 to 12 so they don’t squish his giant feet! He loves to grab the dog when Ranger accidentally gets a little too close.

She has 2 bottom teeth. Talks ALL THE TIME!!! But no actual words, yet. She can sit up completely unassisted and can roll over both ways. She can stand up if you’re holding her hands. She is starting to try and get up on all fours, but mostly likes playing on her tummy. She loves to read books. If you hand her a book she will hold onto it for what seems like hours! If you read to her, she talks right along with you. She likes to walk around the kitchen in her walker, but only if Matthew isn’t trying to play bumper cars with her using the other walker (I need to post a video of this). Her favorite toy is the stuffed hippo from the Curious George books. Wears mostly 3 to 6 months clothes, and is starting to get into 6 to 9 month. She loves to take a bath and “swim” in the kiddie pool on our back porch. She giggles out loud at the dog when he plays with his toys or brings his toys by her.

Matthew and Claire both know their names; they will turn toward you if you call them. They also laugh if they recognize a song that we sing to them or play patty cake. They play this game where they “steal” toys from each other, usually whoever takes the toy makes the other cry until they can take it back. It’s fun to see them play together and interact with one another.

Here is a quick list of things the babies eat: rice or oatmeal cereal, all kinds of mashed fruits (pears, peaches, apples, bananas, etc), all kinds of mashed veggies (green beans, squash, peas, sweet potatoes), just starting to feed themselves puffs. They love to drink all types of juice, too. We tried baby food meats but they weren’t so hot on them, I thought about it and I don’t think I’d like meat in a jar, either, so we might just wait on meat for a while!

Trying to crawl!!! I need to get some baby gates ASAP!!

Matthew & Claire - 8 Months Old

Silly Matthew
I think Claire is still wearing some of her dinner in this one ;)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Frankenmuth, Michigan

Jeremy had to work this weekend, so my Mom and I took Matthew & Claire up to Birch Run and a Mom to Mom sale for some baby shopping. Since we were so close to Frankenmuth, we went there for lunch and to check out the Christmas Store (I will NEVER get tired of looking at and/or shopping for ornaments, much to Jeremy's dismay). Here are some photos of the babies’ first trip to Frankenmuth:

Checking out the Christmas trees!

I tried to get them to sit between the penguins so they would look like part of the display, but they weren't having it. I think I'll try to just stick to more "candid" shots and forget the setup ones til they're older...

Sunday, August 16, 2009


On Saturday we met Don, Jill & Heidi at Kensington Metropark for the afternoon. We took the babies swimming in the lake. Matthew & Heidi loved their floaters, Claire was a little unsure but eventually warmed up to the idea. I wish I could have taken some photos, but I didn’t want to bring my good camera near the lake! We had a picnic lunch after we went swimming. The babies played on the blanket and enjoyed taking each other’s toys.

Matthew, Claire & Heidi playing at Kensington Metropark

Matthew & Claire are starting to interact more and more with each other. While Heidi was taking a nap they thought it would be fun to have a wrestling match. I managed to take a couple photos before we had to break things up so no one would get hurt.

Heidi took a nap..... ...Matthew & Claire weren't about to sleep!

Sunday morning Matthew & Claire helped me do laundry, their idea of help is emptying the clean clothes out of the laundry basket and rolling around on them while screaming.
In the afternoon we went to the FHFD Union Picnic at Highland State Recreation Area. It was HOT outside so we decided to fill the baby pool. Ciara, Heidi, Matthew and Claire enjoyed splashing in the pool. Gavin was a little unsure of the pool, but he had a good time with the pool toys. Jeremy swears that if you put the babies playing on cable, people would watch it.
I'll try and post a video as soon as I can figure out how to edit it.
Here's some picnic photos as well...
Claire, Ciara, Matthew & Heidi

Monday, August 10, 2009

Gramma & Grampa Montgomery's 60th Anniversary

Last weekend my Grampa & Gramma Montgomery celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary at St. Hugo of the Hills in Bloomfield Hills. Uncle Jim Montgomery flew in from Florida and Aunt Patsy Maxwell flew in from Pennsylvania on Friday night. Jeremy and I played softball so my Mom, Dad and Uncle Jim watched the twins at my parents’ house.

Mom, Jen & Aunt Pat at St. Hugo's

Matthew & Uncle Jim

It pretty much rained all day Saturday. Jeremy and I had been looking forward to going to Milford Memories since we seem to miss it every year, but with all the rain we decided to just hang around the house and get some things done. The rain was reduced to a sprinkle by 4PM so we decided to take Matthew and Claire to downtown Milford and walk around the festival. A lot of the booths weren’t opened but I still managed to find a Christmas ornament that I HAD to have. We had dinner and then I headed over to my Gramma & Grampa’s place to visit with the family and Jeremy went back to Milford Memories with one of his friends.

Aunt Cathy, Matthew & Claire Uncle Jim
Uncle Jim, Matthew & Claire

On Sunday we went to church with Gramma & Grampa, Father Toco said an anniversary blessing for them and we had cake and coffee after mass. The babies were really good through the entire mass, the only casualty was my dress. I spilled pear juice all down the front of it when I was trying to open the bottle for Claire. Luckily I was holding Matthew the rest of the time so no one could see the huge stain and it actually dried without leaving a mess. We went to the Clancy family reunion at Stoney Creek Metropark after the 60th anniversary party. We were glad to see everyone over the weekend and happy that Uncle Jim was able to meet the twins! We missed seeing Uncle Jim’s twins and Aunt Judy, hopefully we’ll be able to go to Florida sometime soon so they can meet Matthew & Claire.

Gramma & Grampa
Matthew, Aunt Denise & Colleen
Family Photo
Colleen, me & Kelly
Danny, Claire, Aunt Stacey & Uncle Paul
Dad & Matthew
At Gramma & Grampa's

Clancy Family Photo

Saturday, August 1, 2009

We love the Tigers!

Our little Tiger Fans...