Friday, November 26, 2010

Cate is 4 Months Old!

Cate is four months old today!  She is such a happy baby!  Over the past month she has really started to become more active.  She enjoys spending a little time on the floor playing with the twins (not too much though, because they get a little rough ;)). She enjoys spending time in the farm jumperoo where she can bounce and play with all the toys.  She still likes her swing and takes most of her daytime naps in it.  She is very chatty and just started laughing out loud this morning!  Cate can take her pacifier in and out by herself and her favorite toy is a little stuffed giraffe.  She loves a fuzzy blanket that I bought from Costco so I went back and bought a second one so I could cut it into smaller pieces and she could have one all the time.  She likes to reach for things and hold onto small toys (and my hair).  Yesterday was Cate's first Thanksgiving and we have a busy month coming up!  Cate will go for her well-baby Dr visit next Wednesday so I'll be able to post her height and weight after that.  We have tons of Christmas activities planned and lots of birthdays coming up.  I'll try and post a 4 month photo later this weekend!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Very Excited for Holiday Cards This Year!

My latest project is Christmas Photo Cards!  I've already planned out outfits for the kiddos and am currently working on choosing my favorite photo card.  I plan on taking the kids out this weekend to take the perfect photo (aka praying to get one good photo where: a. all 3 are looking at the camera b. they're not fighting with one another and c. no one has spilled anything on their Christmas outfit) with some holiday decorations!  This year I'm going to use a shutterfly pre-designed card.  I've been using shutterfly throughout the year to print photos at our local Target and it's worked out great!  I've even created a photobook through their website: Shutterfly Photo Book

I've hard a hard time deciding which card to use since there are so many great ones (click to view the Christmas Cards).  But, I think I'm going to try for this one:

I like that I can post an individual photo of each baby and then one of all 3 together (or a family shot if I'm really ambitious!).  Check back in a few days and I'll post a few "preview photos" of my photo session with the kids and for those of you one my Christmas Card list, watch your mailbox in the next couple weeks ;)

For the other bloggers out there, you can participate in this promotion, too, just click here for more details! 

***Note: Shutterfly has not provided me any monetary compensation for this post, Shutterfly will provide me with 50 free holiday cards of my choice for writing this post.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Who Knew 2-Year-Olds Could Be So Helpful??? and Cate Meets Santa

Over the past two weeks I've realized how helpful my almost 2-year-olds can be! 

Matthew is very aware of how things should be and will try very hard to "fix them".  I was walking around the house with a pair of pants on that were too long so the bottom of the pants were getting under my feet.  Matthew immediately noticed and was taking them out from under my feet as I was walking.  He's so perceptive!

Claire constantly tells me what's going on.  "Maffoo crying", "Baby took it", "Andrew sleeping, shhhh!!!" are a few examples.  It's very cute!  I can't believe how articulate she is and how well she gets her point across.  She also will put Cate's pacifier in Cate's mouth (whether the baby wants it or not) and hand me things (diaper, wash cloth, etc) without even being asked.  She is definitely a "little mother"! 

We went to Great Lakes Crossing this past weekend and they had a very convincing mall Santa (real beard and everything!) so I decided to take advantage.  The twins were not having it at all!  They weren't really afraid of him, but they just didn't want to sit still.  I even tried getting in the photo with them, but no dice.  So.... we settled for one of Cate and Santa since I have some of each of the twins solo with Santa from last year.  Maybe I'll try a few more times and see if I can get just one good one this year!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More Catching Up!

Here are some photos I took at Mill Race in Northville last month!

Andy & Talie's 2nd Birthday Party

Mandy from our Multiples Group invited us to her twins', Andy & Talie's 2nd birthday party at Urban Toddler.  We had a great time!  Cate pretty much slept in her sling for most of the party and the twins played with all the toys.  Matthew enjoyed the ice cream and Claire enjoyed the chocolate cate!  Here are some photos:
Claire loved the stuffed doggie

Rett and Pauly checking out the fire truck

Matthew found some tools to play with, right up his alley!

Claire taking off her socks...

                             Matthew & Claire checking out the fire truck!

Matthew & Talie

Claire with Erik and Elizabeth

Mmmm birthday cupcakes!

Here's Claire baking cookies!  She wanted to do it all by herself!

Catching Up...

Here's my attempt at catching up on my blogs.  Here are some photos we took at Mayberry State Park on Oct 24th.  We went with Jill, Heidi, Nichole, Nichole's Mom, Ryan, Chloe and my Mom.