Sunday, February 7, 2010


We decided to take a trip to Florida to visit Aunt Judy, Uncle Jim and their twins Sara and Brianna. Sara and Brianna made their confirmation on February 6th so we were able to attend that while we were there. This was Matthew & Claire’s first time to meet Aunt Judy, Sara and Brianna. They had a great time and were able to do a lot of new things.

On Wednesday the 3rd, our plane took off at 7AM so we had to get up super early. The babies did great on the flight (they sat in our laps) and even each took a nap. Uncle Jim picked us up at the airport and we headed back to their house in Orlando for lunch. The weather was nice so we were able to let Matthew & Claire walk around outside (something they won’t get to do in Michigan for at least a couple more months).

On Thursday the 4th, Uncle Jim was nice enough to take us to Animal Kingdom. We stayed for a few hours and the babies really enjoyed seeing everything. We were able to take photos with a lot of the Disney characters and checked out the Safari Ride where we saw tons of animals. We had lunch after the park at Sweet Tomatoes (they need to have one of these places in MI, they had a great salad bar) and headed back to the house to meet Sara and Brianna after school.

There’s an orange grove right across the street from the subdivision, we took Matthew & Claire over to check it out and buy some oranges & grapefruits. Claire picked an orange, but Matthew pretty much just wanted to run around.
On Friday the 5th, we hung out at the house, Aunt Judy took the day off work. We went to the park near their house and the babies played on all the playground equipment. They weren’t too sure of the swings but they sure enjoyed climbing on the play structure.

Saturday was Sara & Brianna’s confirmation. The babies kept it together for most of the mass but we did end up spending the last 20 minutes or so in the cry room. There were over 100 kids making their confirmation. Afterwards, we went to lunch at a Mexican restaurant and the babies enjoyed trying some tortilla chips. In the afternoon, everyone came over to the hotel and we checked out the pool. The water was sort of warm but the air temperature was a little cold. The babies tried putting their feet in but it was a little too cold. They enjoyed playing with Sara & Brianna.
Sunday AM our flight took off early, Uncle Jim was nice enough to drive us back to the airport. The babies did really well on the flight home, although we had to sit separate because they wouldn’t allow 2 lap babies in the same row (there’s only 1 extra oxygen mask per row). I ended up sitting by myself with Matthew & my Mom & Jeremy sat with Claire. Matthew took a nice long nap so that made things a little easier. He woke up to have a snack and did pretty good the rest of the way home.

Thanks Uncle Jim, Aunt Judy, Sara & Brianna for letting us stay with you and making our vacation fun!

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