Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Have it! Want it! Reach it! By: Claire

I’ve been telling Jeremy I need to write a blog post with that title because we’ve been having so much fun with the kids’ expanding vocabularies.  They are both very good at using word to get their point across (to us and each other).  I think our favorite lately is Claire’s method of asking for something:
Claire (pointing to my hair brush): “Have it?"                            
Me: “You can have it after I finish doing my hair”
Claire (now trying to grab the brush): “Have it. Brush. Have it” (pause)“Reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaach it” (like she’s stretching for the brush)                                                                                                                                                                             
Me: “Here you go, I’m done” 
Claire: “Mama all done.  Have it”
I can’t do it justice just writing it out so I’ll have to try and get a video but she’s a riot!
As I was leaving for work the other morning Claire says to me: “Reach it, Mama, Hug, Reach it!”  She wanted to give me a hug before I left, makes it hard to leave them all day!
My favorite Matthew line is “Thank you”.  He really understands 'Thank you' and 'You’re welcome' and uses them in the right context. 
Matthew (holding up his foot): “Boo boo” 
Me: “Do you have a boo boo? Let me kiss it” 
I lean down and kiss his toe.  
Matthew: “Thanks, Mama!”

He also will stand on a lid to a box or a book like it’s a stage and say “Thank you, Thank you” while turning from side to side and bowing.  Where did he learn that???
They are both also learning to sing some songs.  You can tell which ones are their favorite because we hear those most often. 
Matthew’s favorite (by far) is ‘Wheels on the Bus’.  He will sing along if you sing it to him and do all the arm motions (wipers, wheels, etc).  If you forget a verse he reminds you and when he’s finally satisfied that you’ve gone through the whole song he’ll clap and yell “yeah!!!”  A close second for Matthew is ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’
Claire’s really into the Christmas songs.  She loves Frosty the Snowman.  She looks for Frosty on peoples’ lawns when we’re driving, she sings the Frosty song, she points to the snowman ornaments on the tree and she now even owns her very own Frosty doll.  She can sing at least 2 lines of ‘Frosty the Snowman’.  She also likes Jingle Bells.  Sometimes she mushes more than one song together!
I know they’ve both said a few other cute things but I’m drawing a blank right now, more vocab updates to follow….

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  1. So cute! It makes me laugh all of the things our kids have in common right now. Talie is big into "please" and "thank you"...but she's definitly never "performed" and then said "thank you" for all of the pretend applause. What a hoot! And Andy's VERY favorite song is "Wheels on the bus" too... he likes to do all of the hand motions... his favorite is the "wheels". ;-)

    Really like the "REEEAAACH" for it. I'm imagining your being able to use this when she's graduating from highschool. :-)