Monday, June 8, 2009

Busy Weekend

We had a really busy weekend, the weather was great so that was really nice. On Saturday, Jeremy ran in the Farmington Hills Police 10K for MDA, so he didn’t get home from work until about noon (he had a night shift Friday night). Matthew, Claire and I enjoyed some time outside in the sunshine while Jeremy took a quick nap. Both babies enjoyed playing in the grass.

Saturday afternoon we took Matthew and Claire to Erica Alonzo’s high school graduation party. Rhonda did an awesome job organizing the party, they had a Velcro wall to play on and tons of food. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay long because we needed to get to the Tiger game for the NTN yearly baseball outing. The Tigers won (they played the Anaheim Angels), it was a close game so it was pretty exciting. The Red Wings were also playing in Detroit that night so downtown was pretty lively. My Mom was watching Matthew and Claire so we headed back home after the game.

On Sunday, we went to Don and Jill’s daughter Heidi’s Baptism in Farmington Hills. The ceremony was really nice, Matthew and Claire were pretty quiet throughout the whole thing, just a few little outbursts (we sat in the back so we could try not to be distruptive!). Rhonda helped by holding Claire so I could take some photos and do a reading.
After the ceremony, we headed back to Don and Jill’s for lunch. Don and Jill had everything set up outside, it was nice to be able to sit outside and eat. Matthew and Claire took some photos with Heidi, Matthew tried to eat Heidi’s dress.
After we left Don and Jill’s we headed to my Grampa and Gramma’s house for Gramma's birthday. Uncle Rob, Aunt Stacey, Uncle Paul and my Mom were there, too.
We had some cake and stayed for a little while. We headed home just in time for the babies to take a bath, they were pretty exhausted so they went to be a little early while I caught up on some laundry. We had a fun weekend, but hopefully next weekend will be a little quieter!!!

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