Friday, June 5, 2009

A few updates

Matthew and Claire are almost 6 months old! I can't believe it! Claire rolled over the other day (6/1), Jeremy was home during the day with the babies and said he set her down for some tummy time and she rolled right back over on her back. I guess she had plans of her own! Matthew has 2 teeth on the bottom as of yesterday (6/4). Claire's two bottom teeth are trying to poke through but they haven't yet. Right now, they eat rice cereal and peaches twice a day. Once they're 6 months old we'll start expanding to other fruits (applesauce and bananas). They both babble all the time and enjoy listening to themselves (and each other) scream really loud. They both grab their toes (especially in the bathtub). Claire's new trick is passing a toy from one hand to the other. They're starting to enjoy holding and playing with toys and watching the dog is a new favorite activity. Matthew loves his jumper and Claire loves when someone reads to her. I'll post some info and new stats after they go to the pediatrician for their 6 month check up in a couple weeks (6/26).

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