Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kensington Farm

We took Matthew and Claire to the farm at Kensington Metropark on Saturday. Here are some photos.

On Sunday, Jeremy had to work so I tried to get some baby-proofing done since Matthew is crawling everywhere and Claire is not far behind. My first project was the TV in the family room because they're both fascinated with Jeremy's xBox and any type of wires. I had to create some sort of a barrier so they couldn't reach through the TV stand or climb behind it. It took me pretty much all day but I rigged up something presentable. The other project I tackled was lowering their cribs down since they can both pull themselves up to a standing position. I was afraid they would attempt this in the middle of the night! Lowering the cribs was a little easier of a project but still challenging when you're trying to watch two babies at the same time! I still have to work on putting up some baby gates and a few other items but for the most part I'm making progress.

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