Saturday, October 16, 2010

22 Months Old

Time for my monthly update for Matthew & Claire!  They're both talking more and more.  They can easily put two words together and are starting to say some full sentances.  They've both taken an interest in what's up in the sky, pointing out airplanes, the moon and stars. 

Matthew continues to love trucks, trains, tractors and anything else mechanical.  When we're driving he points out a bus, tractor, the moon, etc.  I've been teaching him red light means stop and green means go, so now he and Claire yell "Green!  Go" when we're in the car at a light.  Matthew LOVES to play outside.  He would stay outside all day if we let him.  He keeps busy with his chalk and ride on toys.  He loves letters; anytime he gets ahold of a pen or piece of chalk he asks us to write an "H" or "K", etc.  He can say most of the alphabet in order and he does recognize each letter if you show it to him individually.  He's working on numbers and can count to at least ten.

Claire is very talkative, she can say quite a few sentances and is really good at getting her point across verbally.  She loves animals and can recite all the noises they make.  Claire is pretty good at the alphabet, too and can identify almost all the letters.  She can count up to 20, but sometimes skips 15 through 19!  Claire enjoys having one on one time with us if Matthew takes a longer nap.  She likes being able to sit in your lap and read, but if Matthew's awake she chooses to play with him instead of read ;)  Claire is good with people's names, she asks for "Mama, Dada, Gramma and her friend Heidi". 

Here's a couple 22 month old photos!

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