Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Busy Weekend!

We had a ton going on this past weekend.  On Friday night, Jeremy and I took the kids down to Cobo Hall because we had to pick up our packets for the Marathon Relay that we were running on Sunday.  Cobo was busy, and of course we had to navigate the stroller through the massive crowd, but we made it in record time.  We headed home and gave the kids baths and they went to bed. 

On Saturday, we cleaned the house a bit and then the kids and I went to run errands while Jeremy went to the gym and started putting our new tractor attachment together.  When we got back, the kids had lunch and took their naps while I helped Jeremy finish his project.  We bought a lawn sweeper to pull behind our tractor and pick up the leaves.  It works great!  And sure beats raking a whole acre worth of leaves.  Jeremy's friend Mike and his girlfriend stopped over for a visit and then we were off to the Gilbert's house for their Halloween Party.

On Sunday morning, Jeremy and I ran in the Detroit Marathon Relay with our friends Rhonda, Ryan, Angela, Eric and Erica.  Jeremy accidentally missed the bus to catch his leg of the marathon, so he ran two legs and so did Ryan.  I ran the finish line leg. 
Sunday evening the kids and I headed over to see Aunt Patsy and Uncle Tom who were here from Pennsylvania.  We also got to see my Mom, Gramma & Grampa, Uncle Tom, Aunt Cathy, Uncle John, Aunt Denise, Uncle Ed and Uncle Paul. 

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