Monday, June 27, 2011

Cate is 11 Months Old!

This age has to be one of my favorites.  It was with Matthew & Claire and Cate is no exception.  She's so active and fun.  She loves to climb in my lap and give hugs.  Cate has learned so much lately and we laugh when she goes through all her "party tricks".  She can pat-a-cake, wave, give a high five & point to things.  There are a few things that she will point to on command like the dog and the little mirror on her high chair when you ask her "where's the baby?"  Cate's favorite toy is her pink bunny blanket.  She looks for it all the time, especially when she wants to take a nap.  She will sometimes accept a substitute blanket if her's is taking a bath (aka going through the washer because it smells), but she's not always thrilled about the back ups.  She plays very nicely with the twins; they mostly share toys with her, but every once in awhile she gets into a little squabble with someone over some treasure.  She crawls everywhere both inside and on the grass outside.  She pulls herself to a stand on all the furniture or on our legs if she wants to be picked up.  She loves to wave to everyone when we go out.  She will sit in the top of the grocery cart and wave to everyone that walks by. 

Cate's been trying some new finger foods lately.  I've given her small pieces of chicken, all kinds of veggies and fruits and a few snack foods like goldfish.  She still likes her baby food and cereal.  She has 8 teeth total, 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom.

She loves to be held and be near everyone.  I think she will be very social like Claire and Matthew.  Right now she can't wait to be able to walk and run to keep up with them.  She says a few words: "Mama, Dada, go-go-go, dog, uh-oh, baba (for bottle)".  She likes to have a story read to her, but she can be very hard on books if you leave them where she can get to them and tear the pages out.  Cate is definitely a trooper!  When we go on outings she's happy to just sit in the stroller and check everything out.  We've had a pretty busy summer so far and she loves to go everywhere with us.  She really enjoyed the fireworks we went to last weekend, even though it was wayyyyyyyyyyy past her bedtime she sat quietly on the blanket and pointed to the fireworks as they went off.  She was so cute!

Here are a few 11 month photos of Cate, the last few she was getting a little upset because it was close to bedtime.

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