Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We Brought the Park to Them!

We've been working on a massive delightful yard project this summer.  We cleared quite a bit of our property and increased the size of our lawn.  This consisted of hiring numerous contractors and doing a lot of work on our own.  Jeremy did a good job planting grass and I made a couple trips to Eastern Market to pick up some plants.  I also had some help from a friend at work that split some of the plants in his yard for me (thanks, Ken!!).  We also started a garden this year in the hopes that the twins will expand their food repertoire and maybe we can all learn something in the process!

The last addition we have made this summer is a playset for the kids and a nice chair and table set so we can all enjoy the outdoors while it’s nice out.  The kids love the playset!  My Dad, Jeremy and I put the playset together Friday night and Saturday morning.  It went together fairly easily and looks great in the yard.  I know it will be worth the money (of course I’ve done the math to figure out how much it will cost us per year if they use it for 10 years, every day, each summer, and a few days in the winter, etc, etc in an attempt to justify this purchase) and they can definitely grow into it.  Plus, I’ve discovered there are many, many accessories I can purchase (on eBay) for their continued enjoyment (see the bottom of this post for some prospects!) and of course I welcome comments and suggestions for even more fun additions!

We have a few minor adjustments to make – Jeremy is going to fix the tire swing so it’s actually off the ground and usable and a friend of mine (thanks, Ellie!) has a baby swing that Cate can fit into.  In the meantime, Claire LOVES (can I emphasize that word any more?) to swing.  She just keeps saying “I wanna swing higher!” so I’ve been trying to teach her to move her feet out and in so that eventually I can avoid pushing her on the swing for hours straight and help the other kids out, too ;)  Matthew thoroughly enjoys the speedy slide.  This thing is quick!  He comes flying off the slide in such a manner that he has to stand up immediately at the end and run or risk face-planting.  Note – must get video of this…  And of course Cate right now just loves to watch the twins run around & swing and I think she can’t wait to join them when she starts walking.

Here are a couple of before photos (behind Matthew taken last summer):

Here are a couple in mid-project before grass...

 Our playset construction...
(that's a lot of parts.)

Hey, what happened to the slide??

Claire supervising

Test run on the swing

Test run on the super slick slide

The final product

Logan and Cate before the fireworks

We love our new playset!

Honking the choo choo train "horn"

And a few must-haves ;) from Swingworks.com

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