Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Claire and the Lost Bunny

Jeremy needed a little break on Wednesday, so I took a day off work to watch the twins while he tried to get some sleep in-between his night shifts.  I pretty much busied myself catching up on my to-do list for the house (i.e. cleaning out the pantry, the fridge, doing laundry, etc).  The babies were so good all morning, they played nicely in the family room and even took a nap. 

In the afternoon, I decided to venture out to the grocery store with Matthew & Claire.  I decided since we were just going to Kroger for regular groceries and baby food I would forego the stroller and put each baby in a cart.  I arranged their shopping cart liners, placed each twin in a cart, gave them their animal blankies, checked pacifiers and we were off.  (Why oh why is Costco the only store I can put both babies in the same cart??? I digress....)  Anyway, I pushed one cart and pulled the other cart all through Kroger, we were making great time and I was finding everything on my list.  About 3/4 of the way through the store, Claire starts saying "Uh-oh, Uh-oh" over and over and over.  Mind you this is not unusual for her to say and I enjoy listening to her little voice, so I would just repeat it when she said it and laugh.  Fast-forward a few aisles and she is still saying it.  I looked at her and noticed her pink bunny blanket is missing.  She must have dropped it and was telling me.  I stood there feeling a little dumb for not listening to her and then decided we would have to go back and look for it.  We retraced several aisles and were able to recover the precious pink bunny.  I knew she understood what "uh-oh" meant but it was just funny that she was actually trying to communicate with me!!!

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