Monday, November 16, 2009

Matthew & Claire are 11 Months Old!

Matthew & Claire are 11 months old!  Hard to believe they're almost 1! 

Matthew studies everything very seriously, you can tell he's thinking about what it is, how it works, etc.  This is particularly true if it is an object with wheels.  Lately he has been enamored with the vacuum cleaner; he'll crawl over to it, sort of pet it, play with the wheels, etc.  He's knocked it over a few times so now we have to store it out of his reach.  He laughs out loud if you grab his legs as he's trying to crawl away.  He thinks this is just hilarious!  Matthew says a few words: Mama, Dada, dog, uh-oh (he borrowed the last one from Claire!).  Matthew stands on his own and cruises along all the furniture.  He likes to play pat-a-cake, which he is very serious about as well.  Matthew enjoys pushing toys (or the laundry basket) around the family room, he has a toy fire truck that he pushes in circles for hours!  Matthew has 11 teeth, 4 on the bottom in the front, 4 on the top in the front, 2 bottom molars and 1 top molar.  He enjoys most foods that we put in front of him, although he's a little less adventurous food-wise than Claire.

Claire is a very happy baby, she giggles and smiles as she's crawling around the house.  She loves to follow Matthew around when she things he is on to something interesting.  Claire says several words: uh-oh, doggie, Mama, Dada.  She can stand up on her own and cruise along the couches in the family room.  She enjoys being read to and climbing all over anyone who sits on the floor to play with her.  Her new game is peek-a-boo, we went to eat lunch with some friends and Claire took the nice cloth napkin and put it over her head, she kept picking it up over her head an pulling it away, just laughing hysterically!  She mastered pat-a-cake a few months back and that also continues to be a favorite around the house.  Claire has 8 teeth, four on the bottom, four on the top (all in the front).  She loves to try new food that we put on her tray, but when's she's done eating, she's done!  She won't let you get another bite into her mouth! 

A few other odds & ends:
We've graduated to the big bathtub!  This is nice because the babies enjoy splashing in the water together and playing with all their bath toys.  Gramma S bought them their first pairs of shoes, Matthew is a size 4, Claire a size 3.  They don't seem bothered by the shoes and can walk with them on if you're holding their hands.

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