Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets A Whitewash....

Today was a snow day, well, almost a snow day.  Since a ton of snow fell overnight and continued to fall this AM I wasn't able to go to work on time, so the kids, Jeremy and I headed outside to clear the driveway (and play a little, too).  I grabbed my camera because this is one of the few times the kids have been out to play this winter because it's been so cold (and it's hard to get 2 2-year-olds dressed for the weather).  Matthew loved following Daddy and helping him shovel.  I tried to teach Claire how to catch snowflakes with her tongue. 

"Say Cheese!"
 Helping Daddy shovel

 The snow's too deep!

 Claire wasn't too happy at first, but she warmed up to the idea after a bit.

 Catching snowflakes!

I showed them how to make a snow angel, Matthew immediately tried to make one himself and it looked pretty good!  I was surprised he figured out what I was doing and tried it on his own ;)  We took a couple runs on the sled down the hill in the backyard and then Matthew hit meltdown mode due to the tumble he took head-first into the snow - see blog title ;).  Claire was a trooper and stayed outside to build a snowman with Daddy.  The snow didn't really pack well so they used a bucket instead of rolling the snowballs.  I thought that was pretty clever.

Claire was disappointed when she couldn't take the snowman inside.  We went in and had some hot chocolate with marshmellows and by then the plow guy came by and cleared our driveway the rest of the way so I was able to get out.  My work wasn't called off (even though the roads were terrible) so no snow day for me, but it was a fun morning none-the-less.  

*In case you're wondering where Cate was through all of this, she was inside taking her morning nap.  Luckily our baby monitor reaches a long way and I was able to keep it in my pocket ;)  

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