Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sayings As Of Late...

Over the weekend we were out and about while Jeremy was at work.  I decided we should stop by and pay Daddy a visit so that the kids could check out the fire trucks.  Matthew was of course in heaven!  He was running to each truck, asking Jeremy to put him in the driver’s seat.  Jeremy turned the lights (minus the sirens) on and they really loved that.  As soon as we walked into the bay where the trucks are kept, Claire says “Santa Claus is coming!!!”  I explained to Jeremy and his crew (who were clearly confused) that she remembers when we were at the station back in December for the kids’ Christmas party and Santa rode in on one of the trucks.  One of the guys spoke up and said “Santa’s sleeping”.  Well, Claire took that to mean that he was Santa’s helper and he must know where Santa is and could possibly take her to see him, so she pretty much stuck to him like glue the rest of the time we were there.  She kept asking him “Where’s Santa?”  I think he was at a loss on what to tell her after that.  LOL.    
Matthew continues to ask “What’s that?” or “What’s this?”, but now he’s stepped it up a notch.  He now answers his own question.  He’ll hold up his toy fire truck and say “What’s this?” and before anyone else can answer him he nods his head and says “Oh, yeah” (like he forgot and suddenly remembers) “big fire truck”.  I wish I could get a video but as soon as I turn my phone on the video mode he clams up.
Matthew has also taken to entertaining Cate while I’m getting something done like making dinner or doing laundry.  It’s actually really helpful (and pretty funny, too).  He’ll go through all the parts of his face, pointing to each one “eye, nose, teeth”.  Cate thinks this is just hilarious and laughs right out loud at him.  I think she really enjoys when the twins play with her more than when Jeremy and I do. 
I had to laugh the other night when it was getting close to the twins’ bedtime and Claire was playing with the toy kitchen.  She was busy putting all the pots on the stove and stirring them.  Matthew came over and clearly wanted a turn.  He didn’t exactly ask or try to play with her, he just shoved her out of the way caveman-style and proceeded to rearrange all the pots.  Claire just looked over at me, clearly exasperated and said “Maffoo night night?  Maffoo night night now?”  She wanted him to go to bed so she could have the kitchen to her self ;)

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