Thursday, February 3, 2011


Last night when the twins were going to bed, I first followed Matthew into his bed and made sure he had all his cozy items.  His blankies, his stuffed monkey, and his small cozy blankies.  He also had Mickey Mouse in his bed, the same one that Claire has been toting around for about a week.  I said good night to him and went out to find Claire.  I put her in her room and checked on all her treasures (including Minnie Mouse) and as I was leaving her room Matthew started crying.  Usually they are really good about going to bed and don't cry, so I thought something might be wrong.  I opened his door back up and he was standing on the other side of it, tears running down his face and he holds up Mickey Mouse and tries to hand it to me.  He then starts laughing and says "Care" as I take Mickey Mouse, he turns around and runs to his bed and jumps in.  He knows Claire loves Mickey Mouse and wanted to make sure she had him to go to sleep with.  He is such a sweet little guy ;)


  1. LOVE this!!!! Kids amaze us all the time with their little minds, don't they:)

  2. Hi, Kristyn! First of all - TWINS! - how amazing! Your family is beautiful. I'm officially a follower now...can't wait to be an internet favorite pasttime, ha! :)