Friday, July 15, 2011

4H Fair 2011

The 4H Fair was in town this week.  It's fairly close to my Mom's house so she met the kids and me so we could check out all the attractions.  They were all very interested in the animals and even tried to feed and pet a few.  Cate kept herself busy waving to all the people and the animals.  Claire enjoyed naming all the animals.  Matthew loved all the tractors and wanted to sit on each one.  Matthew & Claire each took a ride on a pony and they both loved it!  The pony however, was not so happy since it was toward the end of the day.  The guy warned me that the pony bites since I was walking along side the kids during their rides.  Yeah.  Thanks mister. 

 Checking out the baby pig, he was sound asleep ;)
 Cate is not sure about this goat...
 Pretty sure this bunny is the same size as Claire, he was huge!
 Matthew liked the bunny's big ears
 Claire fed the goat some carrots
 Is that a zebra?
 This camel was really gentle, but I was worried it was going to spit or something, I think the kids could sense my nervousness!
 Cate checking out the baby animal exhibits
 Checking out the elephants
 Claire's first pony ride!  She kept saying "I a cowboy, Mama!"
 Matthew's first pony ride!  I was glad he was willing to jump right on and take a turn!
 Cate will get her turn next year ;)
 "I love tractors!" ~ Matthew
 Test driving the pretty red one!
They were in 7th heaven in the tractor tent

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