Wednesday, July 20, 2011

4th of July Weekend 2011

Jeremy had to work most of the 4th of July weekend but we still managed to throw in some fun activities.  Saturday morning we took the kids to Mayberry Farm in Northville.  They enjoyed petting the animals and and running around.  Since it's fenced in I felt pretty comfortable venturing in without the triple stroller.  Mayberry Farm actually lets you go into some of the animal pens, Claire liked going up close to the animals but Matthew was a little apprehensive.
 Claire was telling the cow she should say "moo"
 Cate is pretty sure these turkeys are NOT friendly
 Claire petting the lamb

 "What's in here?"
 "Matthew, check this out"
 "What WAS in that barn?"
 Matthew LOVES tractors!
 Cate and her first sandbox experience.
 Driving a tractor is a very serious activity.

On 4th of July we met up with my Mom's family for a picnic.  The kids had fun running around with my cousin Matt's kids.  They were visiting from Pennsylvania.  It was nice to see everyone and we all had a great time at the park!

 Aunt Patsy and Claire
 I found this gem of a shirt at Old Navy of all places!  Maybe one day he'll be a Soap Box Derby racer like his Mama!
 Hollywood.  That's all I have to say ;)
 Playing games with Aunt Cathy and Anne.
 Matthew has a new found love for baseball!
 Claire and Great-Gramma
 Grampa & Cate
 Family photo!
Great-Gramma, Gramma, Cate, Claire & Morgan
I made these 4th of July dresses for the girls!

My Aunt, Uncle and cousins were here all week so Jeremy thought they'd like to check out the fire station.  All the kids had a great time climbing in the trucks and trying on the gear.  Jeremy even got the hose out so they could try spraying it.  It was a treat for my kids, too, since we don't go to the station to visit Daddy at work a lot since it's about a 30 minute drive from our house.
 Checking out the medic unit.
 Hudson riding shotgun in the medic
 Caleb climbing on the back of the ladder
 Morgan climbing the ladder truck
Hudson checking out the back of the ladder truck 

 Hudson, Matthew & Claire riding in the back of the engine.

 Kelly trying on the fire hat :)
 I think this is the first time the twins have tried on the fire gear, they have been afraid of it up until now.

 Morgan liked keeping Cate company

 Matt putting the hose together

 Matthew was impressed with Caleb spraying the water so far!

 Group photo!

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