Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Very Excited for Holiday Cards This Year!

My latest project is Christmas Photo Cards!  I've already planned out outfits for the kiddos and am currently working on choosing my favorite photo card.  I plan on taking the kids out this weekend to take the perfect photo (aka praying to get one good photo where: a. all 3 are looking at the camera b. they're not fighting with one another and c. no one has spilled anything on their Christmas outfit) with some holiday decorations!  This year I'm going to use a shutterfly pre-designed card.  I've been using shutterfly throughout the year to print photos at our local Target and it's worked out great!  I've even created a photobook through their website: Shutterfly Photo Book

I've hard a hard time deciding which card to use since there are so many great ones (click to view the Christmas Cards).  But, I think I'm going to try for this one:

I like that I can post an individual photo of each baby and then one of all 3 together (or a family shot if I'm really ambitious!).  Check back in a few days and I'll post a few "preview photos" of my photo session with the kids and for those of you one my Christmas Card list, watch your mailbox in the next couple weeks ;)

For the other bloggers out there, you can participate in this promotion, too, just click here for more details! 

***Note: Shutterfly has not provided me any monetary compensation for this post, Shutterfly will provide me with 50 free holiday cards of my choice for writing this post.

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