Monday, November 22, 2010

Who Knew 2-Year-Olds Could Be So Helpful??? and Cate Meets Santa

Over the past two weeks I've realized how helpful my almost 2-year-olds can be! 

Matthew is very aware of how things should be and will try very hard to "fix them".  I was walking around the house with a pair of pants on that were too long so the bottom of the pants were getting under my feet.  Matthew immediately noticed and was taking them out from under my feet as I was walking.  He's so perceptive!

Claire constantly tells me what's going on.  "Maffoo crying", "Baby took it", "Andrew sleeping, shhhh!!!" are a few examples.  It's very cute!  I can't believe how articulate she is and how well she gets her point across.  She also will put Cate's pacifier in Cate's mouth (whether the baby wants it or not) and hand me things (diaper, wash cloth, etc) without even being asked.  She is definitely a "little mother"! 

We went to Great Lakes Crossing this past weekend and they had a very convincing mall Santa (real beard and everything!) so I decided to take advantage.  The twins were not having it at all!  They weren't really afraid of him, but they just didn't want to sit still.  I even tried getting in the photo with them, but no dice.  So.... we settled for one of Cate and Santa since I have some of each of the twins solo with Santa from last year.  Maybe I'll try a few more times and see if I can get just one good one this year!

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