Friday, November 26, 2010

Cate is 4 Months Old!

Cate is four months old today!  She is such a happy baby!  Over the past month she has really started to become more active.  She enjoys spending a little time on the floor playing with the twins (not too much though, because they get a little rough ;)). She enjoys spending time in the farm jumperoo where she can bounce and play with all the toys.  She still likes her swing and takes most of her daytime naps in it.  She is very chatty and just started laughing out loud this morning!  Cate can take her pacifier in and out by herself and her favorite toy is a little stuffed giraffe.  She loves a fuzzy blanket that I bought from Costco so I went back and bought a second one so I could cut it into smaller pieces and she could have one all the time.  She likes to reach for things and hold onto small toys (and my hair).  Yesterday was Cate's first Thanksgiving and we have a busy month coming up!  Cate will go for her well-baby Dr visit next Wednesday so I'll be able to post her height and weight after that.  We have tons of Christmas activities planned and lots of birthdays coming up.  I'll try and post a 4 month photo later this weekend!

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