Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Weekend

We had a busy Halloween weekend!  On Friday night we went to our friends The Biebels' house for a pumpkin carving and chili cookoff party.  The kids had fun running around in their backyard and playing with the swingset.  Maybe next year they'll be old enough to help carve pumpkins.

On Saturday we decided to clean out the garage for the winter, Jeremy put up some new shelving units and we finished the project pretty quick.  On Saturday night, we drove up to Huckleberry Railroad in Flint for their Halloween event.  They had trick-or-treating throughout the village.  The kids seemed to have fun collecting candy and riding in the wagon.

On Halloween we went trick-or-treating with Jill, Heidi, Reagan and Sam.  Don and Jeremy stayed at the neighbors to watch football and pass out candy.  Matthew missed his nap so he was having a little bit of a rough time, but once he figured out he was getting candy he was a little more enthusiastic.  He kept repeating "trick or treat" as we were walking from house to house.  Claire just kept saying "candy".  I tried to take Cate with us, but after a few houses it was clear that I couldn't wrangle the twins and have her sleeping in her sling so I dropped her off with Jeremy.  The twins were exausted by the time we got home!

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