Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cate Now Has Teeth, Getting Stuck in A Kiddie Habitrail & Other Weekend Fun

We had a pretty low-key weekend since Jeremy had to work most of it.  Jeremy worked Friday night and Saturday night and since it's not really feasible to do an outing with 3 kids without him, we mostly hung around the house.  Friday night the kids and I stayed in and read books.  Saturday we took a quick family trip to the YMCA so that Jeremy and I could work out and the kids could play.  They love it there!  There are new toys to explore and they even let them roam free with crayons (which is a major no-no in our house, crayons, playdoh and anything else that I deem too hazardous is reserved for the kitchen table).  Saturday afternoon I had scheduled a family photo with a photographer near our house.  Epic Fail!  It seems every family has a collective photo, but as of yet, we have not managed this feat.  I (sort of) coordinated outfits, I made sure the kids took naps, they had a snack and they were very happy when we left the house and during the car ride.  When we got there, major meltdown!  Claire was fairly cooperative, Cate was her usually easy-going self, but Matthew? No way.  He wanted to push every button, play with the cords to the equipment and run around like a nut.  Which, subsequently, rubbed off on Claire who started running around with him.  The photographer may have managed to get one decent shot (Matthew's juice cup may be in the photo, too, but I'll take anything at this point).  As you might have guessed, this is not our first attempt at a family photo.  So, as long as we were there, I had the photographer take some photos of Cate since she'll be 6 months soon and it will save me a trip.  The photographer should call in a couple days and let me know when I can look at the proofs and see if there was any success.  After that ordeal, we just stayed home Saturday night.

On Sunday, Jeremy came home exhausted and wanted to go to bed.  It just so happened, that one of my friends from HVPOM (our Multiples group) suggested a playdate with some of the other Multiples families at Jungle Java.  I thought this was the perfect opportunity for the kids and I to get out of the house for the morning and let Jeremy sleep.  Jungle Java was a great idea!  The kids loved climbing in the Habitrail and I got to catch up with some of my friends.  At first, the kids wanted to check out the Habitrail, but didn't want to go up into it alone.  So, I put Cate in the backpack carrier and we went up with them.  I kept thinking I was going to get stuck climbing after them.  Trying to navigate the maze was tricky with two 2-year-olds and a baby strapped to you but we managed.  Getting them out was probably the greatest feat of the day.  I finally just found a slide and coaxed them into it so they would slide down to the floor and then Cate and I slid out, too.  In the future, this is probably an activity I will need to take another adult to, or find a sitter for Cate.  The kids were pretty tired out afterwards so we headed back home.  The kids all napped on the way back, Jeremy got a good nap and even went with us to Meijer after. 

Some weekend highlights: 
We were going through Meijer and Claire wanted to hold something so I gave her the cream cheese.  She pointed to the lid where it said Meijer and said "Meijer".  What did you say? I asked her, and she pointed to it again and said "Meijer".  I think we go to Meijer too much if she recognizes the brand name.  Hey, at least she didn't say McDonald's!

Matthew has started asking "What's that?" and "What's this?"  When you answer him, he will repeat the name.  Very cute!

Cate has two teeth on the bottom!  I thought she was teething and finally one tooth popped through on Friday and the other one on Sunday.

I'll have to post photos of Cate's teeth later if I can get her to move her tongue out of the way ;)

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