Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Holiday Happenings

December was a very busy month for us.  The twins turned 2 on December 16th (blog post on that to follow), I turned 30 (yikes!) on December 16th and Jeremy turned 31 (yep, he's still older than me) on December 19th.  Jeremy threw me a surprise party, we hosted a b-day party for the twins, we attended the Union Christmas party on December 17th, a suprise 30th bday party for our friend Don on the 10th, whew!  Also, my girlfriend Susie and her husband Brian had their twins on December 7th.  Jeremy and I got to go up to the hospital and see them.  They're so cute and tiny!  I can't believe the difference between then and now with our twins.  Here are a few other miscellaneous activities we have done (some with photos) over the last month:
The kids, my Mom and I took a visit to see Aunt Cathy at work.  Her store was decorated with lots of fun Christmas things and the kids loved it!  We took some photos with the décor and tried not to break anything ;)

We went to the Milford Holiday Parade.  It was super cold so we didn’t stay too long but the kids seemed to enjoy it.

Cate all bundled up!

Claire loved this giant dog!

Checking out the horse in the parade.

Matthew didn't love the giant dog!

We went to Great Lakes Crossing to take a photo with Santa (epic failure!).  We took some photos with the holiday display.
Cate was the only one in the photo with Santa, the twins were not amused!

We took some photos with our Christmas tree, too!

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