Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why They're All My Favorite

Maybe the title should have been "It's Impossible to Have a Favorite"???  Either way, someone asked me the other day "Do you have a favorite?"  This question came after a long line of standard questions I get when people notice I have twins.  I just looked at the lady for a minute because I was sort of stunned by the question.  How can I have a favorite?  They're all so unique and fun it is truly impossible to have a favorite.  (Is there any Mom out there that could have a favorite???)

Matthew is my favorite because he comes up to me in the morning when I'm leaving for work and says "bye-bye, Mama.  Kisses! Kisses! Kisses!" while reaching up to me.  He also likes to be cozy on the couch before bedtime with his blankies.

Claire is my favorite because she looks out for everyone else.  If I'm handing out milk and a snack, she'll take her pink cup and say "Matthew, green one" and take his and hand it to him.  When she takes the snack from me, she'll say "Matthew have some, too" or "Mama have some, too".  She also likes to hand the baby her blankie.

Cate is my favorite because she's so easy-going.  She's such a trooper if we go somewhere.  She'll just look around and smile at everything.  She can also already sit up by herself, pick up a toy by herself and pass a toy from one hand to another.

And that's why they're all my favorite.

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