Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fire Station Santa (Actual Date was December 12)

So of course, the one event I really wanted the kids to attend and enjoy this year would fall on the day of the worst storm of the year!  We got a ton of snow and the plow/salt trucks couldn’t keep up.  I was determined not to let a little storm get in the way of our fun so we headed out into the snow storm (not one of my brighter moments).  Well, it turns out that our driveway was a sheet of ice and that combined with the fact that the van had BALD tires meant we were not going to get up the incline.  I tried a couple times and finally decided that backing up out of the drive was a better idea, however, when I went to turn around I got stuck.  In the lawn.  Yep, the lawn.  How did I get in the lawn? I have no idea.  So, I thought for a minute and remembered that I had purchased play sand for the kids’ sandbox and never filled it.  Brilliant!  I’ll put it under the tires!  So I grabbed the bag of sand and dragged it over to the van, I was just about to pour some under the front tires when I slipped and fell.  In the snow.  And the sand.  So now, I’m angry, wet, cold and muddy.  Great.  But, on the up-side.  It worked!  I was able to get some traction and make it out into the street.  (Mental note:  first thing Monday AM = 4 new tires).  It took us about an hour to get to station 5 (normally only takes about 25 minutes), but we made it and we made it in time to see The Big Guy ride in on the fire truck!  Every year Jeremy's Fire Station puts on a small Christmas party for all the firefighters' kids.  Santa rides in on the truck, the kids sit on his lap, everyone has pizza, tons of fun!!!  The kids really thought the fire truck was great and enjoyed their gifts from Santa.  Matthew got a new Thomas the Train that goes by itself.  Claire got a Frosty the Snowman doll that talks (she watched the cartoon at my Mom’s house and loved it, she can pretty much sing most of the song!).  And Cate got a stuffed bear.  Claire managed to sit on Santa’s lap, Matthew did just long enough to get his gift and Cate (a trooper as usual) also let Santa hold her.  Claire was a riot, she kept trying to go up to Santa during everyone else’s turn and when the first kid got his present and then went back to his seat, she went by him very nonchalant and peeked into his bag to see what he got. 
Claire and Heidi waiting for pizza

Matthew enjoying his pizza

Claire was in awe of the Christmas tree

Claire and Heidi checking out the presents

Yep, still eating pizza!

Claire and Daddy waiting for Santa

Matthew getting a view from Mama's shoulders


Claire (patiently) waiting her turn

Claire's turn!

She loved the Frosty the Snowman bag

Cate loves Santa!

Ok, I'll sit for just a second.

Well, maybe not.

Just long enough to get the present...

Claire with Frosty!

New toys

Matthew and his new train!

Another attempt at a group shot.

Claire went up for a second turn!

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  1. Way to go, Mom! Nothing was going to stand between your kids and Santa... not even a little snow. ;-)