Monday, April 18, 2011

Our First Easter Egg Hunt

This year is the first year we've attended an Easter Egg Hunt.  Last year (at a year + a few months) I thought they might get trampled and they really didn't understand the concept so we skipped it.  This year we attended one put on by The American House where my Grandparents live.  It was cold and rainy outside so they held the hunt in their dining room.  Matthew & Claire loved it!  I kept following Matthew because he was opening all the eggs he found and spilling the candy on to the ground.  I finally convinced him to keep looking for more eggs and put them in his bag.  He kept saying "There it is!!!" each time he found another egg.  My Gramma and some of the other ladies were helping Claire.  She was a professional egg-finder and loved putting the eggs in her bag.  My Mom held Cate, who was more than happy to just watch all the excitement.  Check out our photos below!  Next weekend I'd like to take them to "The Great Egg Hunt" at Kensington and to our Multiples' Group Easter party.  Stay tuned!
 Matthew searching for eggs in the plant
 Gramma helping Claire find more eggs
 Gramma and Cate watching all the action
 Claire hunting more eggs
 Claire had lots of helping finding eggs
 Matthew loved looking everywhere for more eggs
 Time out for a photo with the bunny
 Inspecting our treasures
 Claire with the bunny

 My best attempt at a group shot

Cate with the bunny, she wasn't so sure.

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