Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Zoo!

We had summer-like weather on Sunday so we took advantage and headed to the Detroit Zoo for the first time this year.  The kids were really into it (at least for the first hour and a half).  We let them walk while I pushed Cate in the stroller.  They were excited to see all the animals and were calling out each one and making animal noises.  It made the zoo pass we purchased last fall well worth it!  The first exhibit we saw was the otter.  They thought the otter swimming in the tank was hilarious!  Even Cate was checking him out.
We also saw the reptile house, Matthew was nervous because the reptiles were pretty active.  He would take a few steps back each time one was moving toward him.  Claire thought a skink that was digging a hole was the funniest thing she saw.  We checked out most of the exhibits but had to pack it in after about an hour and a half.  Claire also liked the prairie dogs, she kept saying "he's too cute". 

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