Monday, March 14, 2011

Santa Claus Sleeps at the Fire Station

Back in December we took the kids to see Santa at the fire station where Jeremy works.  We've only been to visit Daddy at work one time since then and I may have blogged about it, but here's a refresher.  When we got there the kids ran out to the bay where the trucks are kept.  They were checking everything out for a bit and Claire says "Santa Claus is coming" because when we had been there previously Santa rode in on one of the fire trucks.  We couldn't believe she remembered!  Anyway, she kept saying it and one of Jeremy's co-workers spoke up and said "Santa Claus is sleeping".  To Claire this meant that he knew where Santa was and could take her to see him.  Needless to say, she stuck to Jeremy's buddy like glue and repeatedly asked him about Santa.  Too cute!!!  I told him that he was in trouble now, she was going to be his new best friend.  So fast-forward to yesterday (about 6 weeks since our last visit to the fire station), here is my conversation with Claire:
Claire: "Where's Daddy?"
Mama:  "He's at work"
Matthew looks up from playing with his truck and says: "Dada drives the fire truck"
Claire: "Daddy's at work?"
Mama: "Yep, he'll be back tomorrow morning for breakfast"
Claire: "Santa Clause sleeping at Daddy's work."
Mama: "Santa Clause lives at Daddy's work?"
Claire: "Yep, Santa Clause is at the fire station."

How does she remember that???  Clearly Santa had wayyyyy more of an impact on Claire than I had previously realized.

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