Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Elephants Never Forget. And Neither Do Two-Year-Olds!

Claire has really been talking a lot lately and is amazing me with how much she notices around her.  It's hard to pull a fast one on her.  She seems to remember everything!  A few weeks back I was looking for the backpack carrier that I wear Cate around in when we go out sometimes and I couldn't find it.  I was telling Claire what I was looking for and that I needed it before we could get in the car to leave.  She must have been listening because yesterday when we were in the car she says "Mama's backpack for Cate, we have to find it".  She probably was wondering what what so funny when I started laughing. 

Yesterday we put apples outside in the backyard for the deer.  We have about 10 deer that frequent our yard and the kids like to watch them.  So, I took Matthew and Claire outside yesterday so they could put some apples out.   Matthew decided to take a few bites out of his apple before leaving it for the deer and Claire was very serious about the task.  Claire kept saying: "I feedin the deer apples!"  It wasn't very warm out and we're hoping spring will come soon so that we can play outside more.

Cate now has 3 teeth!  I need to post her 8 month old info and photos, maybe I can get to that later this week.  She has also said "Dada" which is her first official word!

Very serious about feeding the deer!

 The deer won't mind a few bites out of the apple.
 Racing up the hill!
Baby Cate got to come outside for just a minute.
 Being silly in the car.

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