Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day 2009

We had a busy weekend! Unfortunately, Jeremy had to work all weekend so he didn't get to do much but Matthew, Claire and I had some fun. (Jeremy finally has a weekend day off next Saturday, so we're all looking forward to spending some time together!)
On Friday night, Jeremy and I played softball, our team lost :( but we had fun anyway. Saturday morning Matthew, Claire and I went to a Mom 2 Mom sale with my Mom in Troy. It was very crowded but we got a couple good toys that they'll be able to play with in a few month. Saturday evening the Twins got to check out Metro Airport for the first time. We headed down to pick up Aunt Patsy who flew in from Pennsylvania. Matthew loved watching all the people and the lights, Claire wasn't so sure about the whole thing.
Yesterday was Mother’s Day. Jeremy had to work during the day, so Matthew, Claire and I went to church with Gramma S, Aunt Patsy and Great-Gramma & Great-Grampa Montgomery at St. Hugo’s. After church, we went back to Great-Gramma and Great-Grampa’s place for a visit. Kelly, Uncle Paul, Aunt Denise, Uncle John, Uncle Rob, Uncle Dennis and Doug all came over to visit with Gramma Montgomery. Matthew and Claire had fun playing with everyone and even managed to (sort of) take a nap. Jeremy gave me some really pretty roses for my first Mother’s Day. I’ll have to take a picture of them while they’re still blooming.

It seems like Matthew and Claire are doing something new everyday. They both reach for toys and hold things in their hands. They seem to be enjoying cereal more and more every day and definitely like sitting in their high chairs. Claire now laughs out loud, it’s pretty funny. Matthew loves to jump in the jumperoo. Both of them love to have books read to them, they kick their feet and move their arms and sometimes read along with you!
We’re heading to North Carolina for a week on the Outer Banks on May 23, so the next two weeks will be very busy for us. I think it’s going to take quite a bit of organization and preparation in order to have a successful trip with 5-month-old twins!
I’ve put a link to a video of the twins playing on the left-hand side of this page. It’s under 05/10/09.

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