Saturday, May 23, 2009

Start of vacation - OBX, NC

This morning we left for the Outer Banks in North Carolina. This is the babies’ first vacation! We’re looking forward to having them play in the sand and put their feet in the ocean. We packed up everything last night so that we could leave as soon as possible Saturday morning. My Mom came over Friday night so she would be ready to go with us. Corey is watching Ranger for the week (along with Dooley and Daisy) over at my Mom and Dad’s house. We left about 6AM right after the babies had their breakfast (cereal and peaches). They took a lot of really good naps in the car and it helped having my Mom there to entertain them while I helped Jeremy with the directions. We made it almost to Pennsylvania on the turnpike when the traffic just stopped. All the eastbound and westbound lanes were shut down so we decided to turn around (not legal but it had to be done with the babies in the car) and go back another way. After about an hour and a half detour and a lunch/fuel stop we were back on our way. We got as far as Fredericksburg, Virginia. We had dinner and spent the night in a hotel. Matthew and Claire were a little unsure of their surroundings so they did get up quite a bit throughout the night, but overall things went way better than we expected for such a long trip!

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