Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vacation - day 4

Tuesday we decided to take the babies to the beach since it was a really nice, warm day. After putting a ton of sunscreen on and packing up hats, towels, and their beach cabana we headed out. (We took a few snapshots on the porch in their swimsuits and sunglasses first.)
When we got down to the beach and all set up Claire got super tired so she took a nap in the cabana. Matthew played in the sand for a few minutes, tested out the water and checked out Jeremy’s fishing pole before joining Claire in the cabana for a nap of his own.

Meanwhile, Andrew and Jeremy were fishing from the shore. Andrew actually caught a stingray.

Everyone on the beach stopped to look at what he had caught and were asking him questions about it. He and Jeremy reeled it in and then let it go back in the ocean. Matthew and Claire woke up a while later and were just delighted to play in all the sand. Matthew tried to eat some, so we really had to keep an eye on him. Claire really enjoyed kicking her feet in it.

After everyone got cleaned up my Dad made pork chops for dinner. After dinner, Jeremy and Andrew tried fishing again and my Mom and I took the babies for a bike ride. I rented bikes and a trailer for the week so we could ride around the neighborhood and up to the shops that were nearby.

Ian, Jason and Amanda got here late Tuesday night, they drove straight through so they were probably pretty tired by the time they got to the house.

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