Monday, May 25, 2009

Vacation - day 3 (Memorial Day)

Today is Memorial Day. The Twins did pretty well their first night here, they got up a few times, but they don’t seem too upset to be in a new place. We brought their mobiles from home to attach to the pack and plays so they would at least have something comforting. We walked down to the beach to check out the big waves in the morning. The water was a little warmer than the night before but still pretty cold. We ate a quick breakfast, during breakfast we could see dolphins swimming in the ocean from the porch. They were a ways out but you could see them swimming back and forth. After breakfast, we all piled in to the van and headed out. Jeremy and Andrew wanted to rent fishing poles so they could fish from the beach, so our first stop was Corolla Bait and Tackle. They were each able to rent a pole, buy some bait and get some advice on when and where to fish (which they later found out no one actually has much of an idea what the best time to fish is). We headed to the grocery store, again, to get something to make for lunches and dinners the rest of the week. When we got back, the babies took a nap and Jeremy and Andrew headed out to go fishing. Jeremy caught a small fish that was really slippery, here’s a photo of it that Andrew took with his phone:

We made chicken for dinner and after dinner Jeremy and Andrew headed out to try fishing, again. After the babies went to bed, I ran back down to the beach for a few minutes to see if they had caught anything. Andrew caught a small fish that he threw back in.

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